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Interior Design 


The apartment in an old tenement house needed a general renovation. The biggest challenge was to create an additional room and a small bathroom. Bright colors, classic materials in a modern version and a dream bathtub have increased the quality of using the apartment.


Main designer— idea, research, design


The family enlargement and working from home were the main reasons for changes in the functional layout of the 50 m2 apartment.

Originally, the 50 m2 apartment consisted of two bedrooms, bathroom and kitchen. An additional room was needed to separate the day, night and office functions. Working at home is starting to become the norm, therefore it is worth separating the work space from the rest / regeneration zone.

There was an idea to separate a bedroom from a large 23 m2 living room and move the office part to the existing room. The bedroom is mainly used at night so daylight is not necessary. In order not to disturb the perception of the changing times of the day, glazing has been used in the bedroom, thanks to which the daylight reaches the new room. The new volume resulted in the appearance of additional walls perfect for hanging paintings or family photos.

The apartment has been purchased with a bathroom finished with old bronze tiles, with a shower, with no suitable storage space. The new design made it possible to insert a bathtub and additional cabinets with the necessary bathroom accessories. Classic subdued colors in combination with golden fittings gave the interior a timeless style. A large mirror visually enlarges the room.

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