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Mobile application


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Mobile applications are increasingly used for various promotional, educational, etc. purposes. The new tool often facilitates work in various industries requiring field work. Construction documentation (technical drawings) is often delivered on large sheets of paper or in large files. Projects often change, which results in the issuance of subsequent revisions for the construction site. Such changes must be marked very clearly so that they do not disappear in the amount of information provided to the construction site.


Main designer— idea, research, design


A large amount of information and technical drawings delivered to the construction site causes chaos. There are situations where incorrect solutions or costly versions are implemented, which can be optimized after proper consultation with engineers.

That is why I created a mobile application project with a database of approved data. Each engineer at the construction site has a telephone that he can quickly use and check if the solutions to be implemented are updated.

The project includes the possibility of displaying and uploading new details. For the database to be correct, every detail should be discussed and approved by the General Contractor's engineers.

The set of details can be connected to a specific place in a given location, which will allow to verify at a later stage which details are most often used and cause the least defects. As a consequence, the company will have proven solutions for subsequent projects.

An additional advantage is the availability technical documentation for the technical design and acceptance stage.

GC can save valuable time on site workers to focus on many other relevant topics.

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