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Citizen Initiative Centre in Bodzanow

Conceptual design


Bodzanów is a small town near Płock.

Particularly noteworthy is the picturesque surroundings and the unique architecture of the houses.

Simple buildings are decorated with elaborate combinations of wooden elements. Unfortunately, many houses are in decline without the possibility of modernization.

The aging community has no idea for development.

In order to improve the situation of the inhabitants, there was an idea to create an Initiative Center where activities for inhabitants of all ages could be organized.

Through appropriate education and conversation, it is possible to get to know the needs of residents as well as initiate the necessary changes.

New place, new ideas, new future.


Main designer— idea, research, design


A decaying place with a lack of fresh ideas for development. Young people go to larger cities in search of work and study. There is no place where residents can be helped to understand their needs and possibilities.

The design was inspired by the existing architecture. The characteristic details and the materials used are the showcase of the town, which is why the new facility features solutions referring to tradition. The complex consists of three buildings connected by a historic paved square

The characteristic elements of brick buildings became the starting point for considering the design.

Equal proportions of windows, specific ways of arranging boards on facades and details related to the architectural ornamentation constitute the basis for further consideration.

The main inspiration for the project are existing houses located in the city. Most of them are in poor technical condition due to the passage of time and the lack of funds for the maintenance of these facilities.

The project of Centrum Inicjatyw consists of two buildings connected by a glass connector. On the ground floor I have located a cafe - a meeting place and an entrance to the initiative center. The first floor was intended for educational rooms occupying the entire floor. Both rooms are connected by a bridge designed in a glass connector. An additional attraction for residents is a cinema room designed under the main square in front of the buildings. The room can be lit with skylights hidden between the benches.

A lot of attention I dedicated to refining the details of the door and roller shutter finish. They have specific types of divisions and shapes of the elements used. In brick buildings, the ornament consists mainly of simple cornices. In wooden architecture, the detail is more elaborate, it can be described as lace.

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