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Interior design


The interior of the house reflects the personality of its inhabitants. Therefore, each solution is developed individually with the Investor. In the case of the catalog of houses, I would like to present the possibilities offered by the designed buildings. My proposal involves an interior with elements of industrial solutions, sometimes theatrical lighting. The structural elements have been additionally emphasized and made visible - they are the strength of the house. The structure of the building has therefore become an element of equipment. Usually hidden behind smooth walls, here she got her role to play. The rest of the accessories are made of real stone and wood from local suppliers to reduce the carbon footprint of the facility. Feel free to get to know my vision of the house.


Main designer— idea, research, design


Creating a functional, comfortable and interesting house that will provide unforgettable moments for the residents for years. A simple block with few windows but of high quality and additionally directed to interesting places in the garden.

The house has been divided into various functional zones. The private area with bedrooms has been more built-up and hidden from the common areas which, as shown in the picture, are open and spacious. I hid the technical rooms at the back of the house where they are easily accessible.

The kitchen open to the living room consists of an island which is a separate piece of furniture finished with a stone worktop and a furniture top set a little higher to cover any remnants of kitchen activities. Simple fronts of the cabinets complement the space but are not the main eye-catching element. They are the background for paintings or photos that are valuable to the inhabitants. The dining room near the kitchen is highlighted by a large window. On the one hand, it symbolically emphasizes shared meals, and on the other, it provides a beautiful view of the garden.

A spacious living room where you can relax after a long day provides breath and lightness. Although the structural elements are visible, the bright finish of the rafters is an interesting detail that enlivens the interior. The calm is broken by the dynamics of the roof slopes. Bright furniture with accents in the form of a colorful armchair, paintings or lamps create a unique atmosphere of the room. The combination of the living room and kitchen must be carefully designed so that both rooms with different functions harmonize with each other.

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