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Interior design


The unique nature of the interiors is ensured by the unique geometry of the house.

I divided the building into three overlapping functions:


1. COMMON > living room + kitchen + dining room

2. PARENTS > bedroom + wardrobe + bathroom + office

3. CHILDREN > bedrooms + library + garden + bathroom


The spaces are connected by a single corridor leading to the living room.

Subdued colors are a neutral background for the works of art that the residents wanted to present in the common area.

The element that connects all spaces is warm wood on the floors and wooden lamellas on the walls of children's bedrooms.

Similar lamellas were used as cladding in the parents' bedroom.

I juxtaposed wooden elements with gray blues and stronger accents in the form of navy blue sofas.


Main designer— idea, research, design


Creating a functional, comfortable and interesting house that will provide unforgettable moments for the residents for years. 

Large windows in the living room provide a bright space and a view of the beautiful garden.

The open kitchen allows residents to participate in the preparation of shared meals. The contrast between the cool finish of the furniture and the wooden finishes of the building body ensures harmony.

The master bedroom is a unique place where parents can take a break from their daily duties.

The best conditions for relaxation are provided by a harmonious space made of natural materials, such as wood, natural stones, linen curtains.

Subdued colors allow you to calm the mind and the view from the window to gather energy for a new day.

The bathroom next to the main bedroom has been equipped with all possible appliances to guarantee relaxation in various forms.

I have planned a storage space close to the washbasin, where residents can quickly use the accessories they need.

The colors correspond to the rest of the interior, thanks to which the rooms constitute an integral whole.

Light walls and floor light up the room and blue accents add character.

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