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Interior Design 


A new apartment for a family with children. The clear division of the building open to the living room and kitchen provided an interesting look for the room where functionality is the most important. To make the apartment seem spacious, I chose light gray for the walls and a stronger accent in a warm color on the wall with the TV. A bright, warm, wooden floor connects the individual rooms.


Main designer— idea, research, design


Celem było uzyskanie przyjaznego środowiska do życia ubranego w elegancki charakter.

The kitchen and the living room are connected by the dining area in the form of a fold-out table. Thanks to the solution used, we have obtained a lot of storage space, a spacious worktop and space for household appliances.

Investors wanted an interesting finish to a large bathroom. It is a room that will also be used by children and I introduced colorful terrazzo pebbles for them. The whole is complemented by black details framing the mirror, shower and cabinets. To break the black and white, I designed the fronts of the cabinets in dirty pink.

The toilet, which is a small room, was designed in a minimalistic way. Wooden fronds in a black frame in combination with simple panels imitating architectural concrete balance the color tones of the interior. Behind a large mirror in the recess I hid a washing machine with shelves for cleaning utensils. The small bathroom is elegant and practical.

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