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Interior Design 


A flat in a block from the 1970s made of reinforced concrete was an interesting adventure to define a new quality and fulfill the investor's dreams. The main goal was to provide functionality in a small area. For this purpose, rest and day zones have been selected. A small kitchen and bathroom have gained a new life with the use of modern materials.

All in subdued colors that provide a background for color accents in the form of furniture.


Main designer— idea, research, design


The apartment requires refreshment and adaptation to the needs of residents, especially growing families.

Apartment owners appreciate simple functional solutions as well as subdued colors. The apartment has undergone a major renovation - leveling, painting the walls, replacing the floors and a comprehensive renovation of the kitchen and bathroom.

The small kitchen has been completely changed to accommodate the necessary equipment. The wooden fronts of high-rise furniture enlivened the monochrome division of the adjacent cabinets. The stone countertop and wall gave new aesthetics and increased the quality of the room.

A small bathroom required a special approach to fit less all the necessary things and at the same time provide the impression of space. There are cabinets hidden behind the mirror. The washing machine and the cupboard under the washbasin are hidden just like under the countertop. The stone countertop is the only strong accent in a room finished with tiles imitating architectural concrete.

Hexagonal floor tiles in shades of gray add character. The proposed solution means that additional accessories used by residents will be the color accents.

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