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Residential Building in Warsaw

Conceptual design


When you look at the map of Warsaw, you will see many parks and squares scattered throughout the city. Such oases of greenery are an attractive and friendly environment in which the inhabitants have contact with nature and the possibility of oxygenating the body. However, they are few and far from each other. What's in between? Streets, roads without a patch of vegetation make the temperature in the city unpleasantly high on hot days.

City dwellers are looking for a respite in the parks. What would happen if it was easier for them to wander around the city in the pleasant shade of trees and colorful shrubs? Or maybe provide them with a respite in their houses on balconies and terraces?


Main designer— idea, research, design


The small amount of green areas in the city reduces the quality of life of the inhabitants. In summer, temperatures are much hotter than the heated buildings and streets. The apartments available on the market do not have balconies or terraces, and if they are, they often have a small area.

The gray spaces between the parks are usually stuffy streets and squares almost entirely covered with concrete.

The solution for creating a friendly microclimate for residents can be local gardens / balconies in residential units (blocks, tenement houses, closed housing estates).

The main idea of the project was to integrate a new quality with the use of vegetation into the existing urban development.

The greenery in the building’s design consists of green roofs planted with vegetation that will survive on a thin soil layer and copes with temporary shading.

In addition, each apartment has a balcony where you can organize a small garden.

The gardens on the main roofs may be accessible to employees working in the office part.

The whole assumption enables the creation of a unique microclimate increasing the quality of life of residents in the stifling city center.

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